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To play the audio and video files on our site, you need to have the Real Player installed on your computer. You can download a free copy of the player from Real Networks. The FREE PLAYER link may be difficult to spot on the Real Networks page. They prefer their customers buy the full version of the player. However, the free player is fully functional.

You'll be asked to select an OS Platform. This means the operating system running your computer -- Windows 9X, XP or Mac OS.
Then you'll select a processor type. This means the hardware running your machine (i.e. Pentium). If you can't match a label on your machine, then choose "other."

Finally the connection speed. If you're trying to do this from home, you're probably on 28.8, 56k or DSL modem. If you're connecting at work you may be using a T1 line. This is something important to know about your system -- it determines the speed of your connection to the Internet and ultimately what you can or can't do on-line. The faster the connection speed, the better the quality. We recommend a minimum 56k connection, or higher.

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