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Photography by Susanne May (1983-84) & Jerry Huth (1982)
Delay Tactics 1982 Delay Tactics CD insert Delay Tactics Nesbit Whitney Weingarten Delay Tactics 1982
Delay Tactics 1984 Delay Tactics live 1983 Delay Tactics 1984 Any Questions? back cover


  • KETC-TV PBS Profile 1985 Delay Tactics Youtube
    Public Television news magazine profiles Delay Tactics as the trio begins recording third album. This segment of "Skyline" was nominated for a regional Emmy award.
  • Soundwaves Interview 1983 Delay Tactics Youtube
    The band is interviewed by Kevin Martin for the Soundwaves Music program.



  • Out-Pop Options (1982) Nesbit-Weingarten-Whitney
  • Any Question? (1984) Weingarten-Whitney-Udell
As Guests
  • Walter Whitney - Composer X (1983)
  • Carl Weingarten - Pandora's Garage (1992)
  • Carl Weingarten & Walter Whitney - Primitive Earth (1990)
  • The Urban Cabaret Vol I-III (1982-1987)
Delay Tactics Any Questions?

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