Dreaming In Colors

Weingarten & Whitney

1. Mermaid 4:01
2. Pipe Winds 5:07
3. Pathways 4:16
4. Dreaming In Colors 2:52
5. Rainsong 4:16
6. Ritual 3:36
7. Maiden Flight 3:52
8. Painted Lake 4:43
9. Obsession 4:42
10. In the Sun 1:56
11. New Colors 6:17
12. Lost Dream 5:50

Life Under Stars NEW
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(Deep Space jazz)
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Local Journeys
(Ambient Jazz)
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Hand In The Sand
(Guitar Retrospective 1990-2004)
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(Ambient Folk Jazz Instrumentals)
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Pandora's Garage
(Experimental Guitar Instrumentals)
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Primitive Earth
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Submergings Submergings
(Ambient Electronic)
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“A lovely collection of miniatures for guitar, syntheiszers, and percussion, processed through various types of studio devices. The two members of Delay Tactics wax gentle, but not restrained or understated. There is plenty to keep the listener engaged and involved. The starting point for Weingarten’s guitar is Robert Fripp in his more lyrical moments. However, Weingarten is a distinctive guitar stylist, carving out smart and well-crafted lines and figures. He is never simply derivative or imitative. Whitney’s supportive keyboard textures and harmonies are dreamy, yet thoughtful. The two musicians put together a full, but not dense, fbric of elegant sound. They manage to maintain just the right balance between textures, rhythms, harmonic movement, and well-crafted melody, so that the music is neither too busy or simplistic." --Dean Suzuki, Option Magazine.