Life Under Stars

Carl Weingrten - Life Under Stars

1. I Remember Summer
2. Evie
3. A Different Rain
4. Western Overnight
5. Mr. Sundance
6. Little Island
7. Nightwalk
8. Code Blues
9. Sundial
10. Three Will Pass By

Carl Weingarten slide guitar, dobro
Michael Manring bass
Celso Alberti drums
Jeff Oster trumpet/flugelhorn
Robert M Powell pedal steel
Kit Walker keyboard
Pat Duffey guitar
Billie Duffy bass
Brian Knave drums
Barbara Else flute

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"While his music has been called “cinematic jazz,” certainly an expansive categorization, it’s not quite broad enough to describe all the elements and nuances that make up Carl’s sound. His use of slide guitar and dobro in an ambient context is groundbreaking, and transcends the blues and Americana roots they are generally associated with. In Carl’s hands they become textural instruments that add exotic sonic colors to his unique soundscapes."

--Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

"Carl Weingarten, a great, unheralded and underrated, often experimental guitarist. Life Under Stars finds him in a much more pastoral role in a great ensemble recording that includes trumpters Jeff Oster and bassist Michael Manring."

--John Diliberto (((echoes)))