with Gale Ormiston synthesizer - Phil Neon electric guitar

Carl Weingrten - Panomorphia

1. Layers In Sequence
2. Transitions (An Ambient Medley)
3. Jonah
4. Submergings

Life Under Stars NEW
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(Deep Space jazz)
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Local Journeys
(Ambient Jazz)
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Hand In The Sand
(Guitar Retrospective 1990-2004)
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(Ambient Folk Jazz Instrumentals)
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Pandora's Garage
(Experimental Guitar Instrumentals)
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Primitive Earth
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Submergings Submergings
(Ambient Electronic)
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"Weingarten explores a variety of emotional atmospheres within the four commpositions on "Subergings". Of these, the oceanic metaphors affect me the most strongly. Listening to this . . . takes me beyond the "wall paper" effect of much ambient music to a more atmospheric sense of music/sound shares with the early experimentalism of Edgard Varese." --Kevin Martin - The Riverfront Times

"Wonderful, pastoral, orchestral album . . . with electronic music landscapes." --Dwight Loop - OP Magazine