Hand In The Sand

Carl Weingrten - Hand In The Sand

1. Local Journeys 4:19
2. West of Austin 2:54
3. An Early Fall 3:04
4. Bone Dog Blues 3:02
5. Up The Down Slide 4:49
6. Falline 5:02
7. My Beautiful Moon 3:32
8. Cambodian Waltz 3:39
9. Illumina Suite 7:19
10. Dust Covers The Sky 5:34
11. Pedro's Lament 1:20
12. Holographic Blues 6:25
13. Come With Me 4:44
14. A Sacred Sleep 0:34
15. Red Night 5:50
16. Hand In The Sand 3:59

Life Under Stars NEW
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(Deep Space jazz)
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Local Journeys
(Ambient Jazz)
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Hand In The Sand
(Guitar Retrospective 1990-2004)
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(Ambient Folk Jazz Instrumentals)
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Pandora's Garage
(Experimental Guitar Instrumentals)
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Primitive Earth
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Submergings Submergings
(Ambient Electronic)
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"This very fine early career compilation skims the cream from instrumentalist Carl Weingarten`s first seven albums (one unreleased track, the moody, spacious "Holographic Blues," is also included). Weingarten is an appealing, accessible experimentalist, and a guitarist of considerable skill" --All Music Guide

"I can't say enough about this album. It does more than confirm Weingarten's reputation as a terrific slide player. It showcases some of his best compositions from the past 15 years; many are absolutely stunning. By placing them in a new context, it emphasizes how much each has to say."
--Richard D. Price