Local Journeys

Carl Weingrten - Local Journeys

1. Sleeptalk 5:27
2. Gravity Steps 5:23
3. Local Journeys 4:20
4. Rendezvous 2:48
5. Cafe Timba 5:32
6. How Many Doors? 6:05
7. Mourning Star 5:09
8. Night Is The Light 5:43
9. The Far Turn 4:06
10. Cassini's Blues 5:10
11. Dust Covers The Sky 5:30

Life Under Stars NEW
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(Deep Space jazz)
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Local Journeys
(Ambient Jazz)
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Hand In The Sand
(Guitar Retrospective 1990-2004)
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(Ambient Folk Jazz Instrumentals)
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Pandora's Garage
(Experimental Guitar Instrumentals)
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Primitive Earth
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Submergings Submergings
(Ambient Electronic)
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The latest stop on his (Weingarten's) evolutionary path, Local Journeys, is also well worth a listen. Creating textural music that's more evocative than provocative, Weingarten's compositions tend to amble along, avoiding jagged edges that might get in the way of being lulled into an almost hypnotic ambience. But while his writing seems aimed at creating trance-like states where the listener's imagination fills in the visuals to his audioscapes, it's not strictly ambient music.

The eleven original compositions on Local Journeys all have their own kind of pulse—often subtle, but almost always there. An album that is as much about freeing the imagination as it is engaging it, Local Journeys is a graceful addition to Weingarten's gradually evolving body of work." --All About Jazz