Pandora's Garage

Pandora's Garage

1. Prelude To Pandora
2. Cynara
3. Late That Summer
4. Falline
5. Airtides
6. At A Glance
7. Two Half Moons
8. Out Of Somewhere
9. All Things Return
10. The Slo-Guitar
11. Romance & Evolution in B minor

Life Under Stars NEW
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(Deep Space jazz)
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Local Journeys
(Ambient Jazz)
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Hand In The Sand
(Guitar Retrospective 1990-2004)
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(Ambient Folk Jazz Instrumentals)
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Pandora's Garage
(Experimental Guitar Instrumentals)
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Primitive Earth
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Submergings Submergings
(Ambient Electronic)
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"An album of considerable depth and beauty" -- Goldmine Magazine

"For a long time now, Carl Weingarten has been one of the brightest stars in the independent network's oft-patchy firmament, persistantly putting his work out in his own way, without bowing to trend of marketing rituals . . . There isn't a cut here that doesn't stir up the imagination . . sparkling, mysterious and celestial." -- Camera Obscura

"Guitarist Carl Weingarten is one of the truly great indy musicians working today. Pandora's Garage is sort of fake movie music for films that don't exist. Each vut is like a micro story, creating a mood, or whisking you off to some intriging place. Highlights include "Two Half Moons", with Walter Whitney's languorous trumpet lines, and the atmospheric opening cut, "Prelude to Pandora". -- Richard Kadrey, Covert Culture Sourcebook